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About the braids

We can see every book as a fabric formed by an interlacing of characters, places and events. Literary Braids arises as a way to visualize the unique framework of each novel. Each string represents a character: when a character comes into action, their line starts vibrating; when they interact with another character, their lines intertwine.

When a book is too long, though, the result may be cumbersome. For this reason, some of the braids will be posted in a reduced form, which roughly encodes the same history of interactions within each chapter, but reduces drastically the length of the braid. For more info about how the reduction is performed, check this blog post


At the left, the whole first chapter of Rayuela . At the right, its reduced version. A reduction by a factor of 2 is performed by searching within all the possible sub-lists of interactions the ones that best describe the dynamics in that chapter.

This approach has finally made feasible the braids of Rayuela, Pride and Prejudice and many more, and has persuaded me to resume this project.

Suggesting one

Please feel free to suggest books for new braids! I haven’t read all the books in the world so surely there are interesting pieces that I have not thought about. However, consider that a braid with too many main characters wouldn’t make sense (like in War and Peace or A Hundred Years of Solitude), and for a too long book the reduction might become meaningless (like maybe for The Lord of the Rings). If the book you are thinking of is suitable for a braid, send me a message through my social media :).

Ordering a new one

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you are interested in ordering a braid.

Ordering a print

Unfortunately, right now I cannot ship prints of existing braids. However, if enough people support this idea, I may think about something. A good start is following me on my social media :).

More questions?

Check if I have answered them in the specials, and if not feel free to put me a message.


This project wouldn’t have been possible without the support of my parents, who provided for everything during my studies, and of my friends, who have encouraged and advised me throughout these years. Special recognizion deserves Esther Cruz, who has since the beginning discussed with me the most important and delicate aspects of the math and the graphics; and Daniela Álvarez, who prepared the final version of the braids introduction above.

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